How to disable instant upload to google plus from your android or iphone app?

One of the cool features of google plus mobile app is instant upload i.e upload the pictures or video as you shoot instantaneously to the google+ social network.

 As cool as it sounds, sometimes it is not welcomed by everyone. By default instant upload is turned on in your google+ mobile application. Now for example, let’s say you are using a limited data plan or have less battery, when you take a picture or a video, your google+ mobile app will immediately upload the media to your google plus account which might cause you run data overages or drain your battery.

If you are running into above constraints, the good news is, you can disable instant upload or configure to upload photo’s or video’s only when you are on a WiFi / mobile charging.

Step by step instructions to disable instant upload / configure settings

  • In you google+ application, go to Settings
  • Goto the bottom section where you’ll find Instant Upload (You can uncheck to disable instant upload altogether)
  • If you choose to use Instant Upload only through WiFi, click on the Settings option
  • Click on the Mobile Uploads settings and choose Photo’s and Video’s via Wi-Fi only
  • If you choose to save battery, Check the Battery uploads option (This will enable to upload photo’s, video’s only when charging)

This great feature will save you from losing that precious moment even if your phone is lost or misplaced.

Photos and videos instantly uploaded using this feature are available under Instant upload album on Google+ and are never shared (unless you choose to share).

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  • Arjun Lakhnotra


  • Guest

    but how du you disable instant upload from your iphone? The iPhone-app doesnt have any settings where you can able or disable the instant upload-function!
    Please reply!

    • Zardari Vampire

      Zardari Vampire

    • msangala kalufya

      Go to the main page of the iPhone G+ app and look at the bottom-right corner. There is a gear symbol. Click that and you’ll get to settings page. On that page there is ‘sign-out’, ‘messenger’, ‘Instant Upload’ and ‘Feedback’. Then choose ‘Instant Upload’ and click to get to Instant Upload setting page, Then just turn ‘OFF’. Good luck.

  • Guest

    but how du you disable instant upload from your iphone? The iPhone-app doesnt have any settings where you can able or disable the instant upload-function!
    Please reply!

  • Hammer_track


  • grahamgunn

    iPhone doesn’t have the instant upload facility yet!

    • Yeahright

      iphone are for dead people

    • Yeahright

      iphone are for dead people

  • Carlos

    I disagree that this si a cool feature as it decides on my privacy & my phone costs until I disable it or change its settings. It should be turned off by default.

    • Post

      When you install the app it asks you if you want to turn it on. It’s not on by default.

      • Randy

        Although it does in fact ask you if you want to turn the feature on, it’s simply not understood just what “turning it on” means. Most people, me included, thought it merely meant activating or simply “using” Google Plus in a way that did NOT include arbitrarily uploading picture/video content every time I snapped a photo or shot video content. Simply stated, a feature this new *should* be asking users every time if they want their content to be viewed by the entire planet BEFORE doing so.

        I also said yes when it asked me if I wanted to turn it on. But I didn’t understand that’s what they meant by toggling this feature “on”. This should have been made more clear to people, as Google Plus is NOT a well known feature. Therefore, Google shouldn’t be doing this and then hiding behind some BS just because people said “yes” to some unknown feature. That’s just plain WRONG in my book, and apparently lots of other *books* as well, as many others have complained about this nonsense.

        • Omar Bajaber


  • Colin Ritter

    Now for example, let’s say you are using a limited data plan or have less battery…Or you’re taking naughty photos…

  • guest

    this is the worst idea ever. im too busy but i would sue google for idiotic i take photos at work which are supposed to be data protected and this stupid program uploads them and I get fired for revealing comapny secrets. who ever thought of this should be removed post haste. i deleted G+ just for this. too invasive.

    • dd

      all you have to do is disable the feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Post

      You know it just uploads to a private album. If you take a lot of photos of company secrets maby you should just turn the feature off or not turn it on in the first place. There are a million photo syncing apps out there. This is just one of them. What’s the problem with that?! 

      • Freddie

        the problem I’d its on by default! and even when you turn it off, it still uploads!

    • Tchal

       Way to go taking photos of company secrets on the phone that you have a personal social networking app installed on?

      • John72

        FYI can’t uninstall Google+ off my android phone, how shite, just like the app

  • Pardalman

    Well, the “good” point is that they are upload to a private album so no one will be able to see them until you clic on “share picture” within your G+ profile.
    Said this. I also think it’s not a good idea, Google is as invasive as always, let’s remember Buzz and their problems with justice because of this…

    • Anonymous

      your inability to use built in security measures != invasive policies.

  • Yanira Granados

    yeah… umm… not all pictures are for everybody’s eyes

  • Oldfart

    I wouldn’t say this is invasive, I think it’s awesome for those that want to quickly back up photos they wanna keep. The reason I wouldn’t call it invasive is because you can turn it on or off, but it needs more options. I need an option that lets me choose what folder specifically to upload and not to upload, or individual photos to choose from in case I’m not yet sure if I want to upload and keep a certain photo. Decisions, Decisions… lol I personally think most people just get pissed off and blame Google for their inability to do some research or try to look for settings about the program instead of whining on an internet website like a bunch of babies, that’s just what I think.

  • Jason Kendall

    Am I the only iPhone user who can’t find how to set the upload to only happen on wifi? The settings area described here don’t exist.

    • Willis1990

      I cant locate that feature on my iphone 3 either … it is such a great idea  (to only upload when using wifi) … I just have no idea how to do it …

  • Guest

    The only thing I wish google would change on this app is to ask what photos you want uploaded instead uploading them all or non.

  • Hesham Elsaghir

    I agree with Carlos, this future should be turned off by default.  there are some photos I took that are personal, or of a documents that I would not want them to be online.  Eventhough that they are uploaded to private folder, you never know who would have access to them!

  • Fuckoff

    Contrary to Google+ admin statements, there is no Google+ setting to choose from.As a result, this app was uninstalled from my Android phone due to privacy concerns….For the first time I ever though this, you suck google :( 

  • /rage

    I understand it’s not on by default, and I understand it’s a private album, but most users of this app will generally bypass any of the introductory settings. You should manually have to go into the settings of Google+ and enable instant upload. I don’t want pictures of my nieces, cousins, etc… on the internet regardless of the album being private. WAY too invasive.

  • tony baldwin

    Thank you.  I found just recently that G+ was doing this (auto-uploading photos), which I never requested or authorized.  I have now disabled it.
    I might just remove the app, really. I’m not using G+ much, preferring friendica and diaspora for social networking, and my own blogs for other publishing matters.

    By they way, why are you using apostrophes on photos and videos?  Plurals do not require an apostrophe.  Apostrophes are for contractions and possessives.

  • Waleedkagha

    It never asked me if i wanted to uplaod when i downloaded the app.  As a google guy, im disappointed. 

  • Lmuelly

    This feature sucks! I discovered only by accident that it was uploading my pictures. Just another invasion of privacy. I should be presented as an option…. not default! Reminds me of  FB!

    • Rajit77

      I am not able to figure out how to disable this app on my samsung galaxy s 2.  Could you explain it to me properly?



  • Shwilson75

    Along with all the others I was shocked to find that this feature is on by default! 

  • David Hazi

    worst feature ever

  • Jsamsurrey

    this article sucks

  • Liam

    Yeah, why would we want this on by default? Its a weird decision. 

  • v-pills

    but how du you disable instant upload from your iphone? The
    iPhone-app doesnt have any settings where you can able or disable the
    instant upload-function!

  • Rkavarsky

    Just for the hell of it i googled my name and every pic i took came up under search results. Just make sure you have the stuf turned off that you dont want. I didnt even know it did this till i searched my name

    • Rajit

      Hi, I am not able to figure out how to disable this app on my samsung galaxy s 2.  Could you explain it to me properly?

  • Natalie shafer

    I just discovered this feature and HATE IT … call me ignorant, but that is really a huge turn off that you would do this without users knowing.  I thought only Facebook is that shady.  NOT COOL G+!

  • Muckster45

    Great feature but one must turn it on and off when he wants it to work !!!! 

  • v-pills

    Plurals do not require an apostrophe.  Apostrophes are for contractions and possessives.

  • Eddie Potros

    This used to work great for me months ago but yesterday i installed it and checked UPLOAD ON WI-FI ONLY and today I wake up with over $50 of extra data charges!! Who do I contact from Google to have them pay for their stupid app not working right??

  • v-pills

    Plurals do not require an apostrophe.  Apostrophes are for contractions and possessives.

  • Kuki Szabolcs

    Now Google, just to be fair, please show me your confidential data, after all you swindled mine.

  • marac_

    i turn this feature of in google+ settins on my iphone and it’s keep posting pics from my camera roll to profile. why? 

  • Chrissy

    I also hate it!! I am not sure why it does this without your permission. I even disabled my instant upload yesterday and received a notification that it uploaded my videos and photos today. There needs to be some sort of opt in for this not just the opt out. Totally invasive! 

  • Cv

    Thsi feature has me never using Google again and warning others about them  Thmay as well be hackers.  They are no better.

  • Catalin Enache

    The enabling of this “feature” by default is just plain stupid!

  • Fkholousi

    stupid feature I did not want  instant upload you dumb people. I do not see anything to allow me to disable it

  • Kovacs

    Its just not turning off for some reason and I can see the instant upload folder in the galary that means I can see my pics twice

  • Gino

    They are crazy or what? i just have a notification telling my all photos was uploaded to Google+, I think my heart stopped when i saw the photos, what if you have like nude girl friend photo or other thing you never when to share?

    • Case Pin

      Even if they are uploaded they are not shared on Google+. Dont worry they are just under your private album  and only visible to you

      • Kuki Szabolcs

        But how about if Gino does not feel very confortable knowing that google engineers can see her girlfriend naked?

        • Case Pin

          Well, when you install the google+ app if you pay attention to the install wizard it asks if you want to enable instant upload. But lot of people just ignore and this gets enabled.

  • Rajit77

    ya but my question is how to disable this function altogether. It eats my battery life and moreover the data too. Uploading pics and videos costs data charges.

  • Marie

    Mine did not ask me to enable it and I do not have the instant upload “settings” option to turn it off.. I had to uninstall it..

  • Guest

    Great feature but it should be turned off by default or notify you when it uploads a picture by default

  • Kc_exactly

    HEY YOU FUCKING DICKS!  I disabled the app and it still has pictures uploading.  FIX IT OR I WILL SUE YOUR ASS.  This is ridiculous.  I had some very sensitive material uploaded to my g+ account.  

  • Michael Choi

    Who are the idiots at Google who thought this would be a good idea?  This shit is a huge annoyance and an invasion of privacy.  Get rid of it, dumbasses.

  • Samer Miqdadi

    I deleted G+ after finding that my phone 1000 photo album was uploaded without my permission !!

  • Garn_25

    The people who designed this feature is not smart at all.  Its very pain in the ass to get rid of it.  I hate this feature.

  • Crash

    Disabled the feature and it’s still uploading too, how crap!… can’t uninstall Google+ so disabled it in settings, see if that works…

  • Charlie Pazos

    I agree with the angry mob. Stupid feature and terrible decision by Google to default it.

  • NoUploadPlease

    It STILL uploads my photoes even though the settings are so it shouldn’t! How do you expect to grow G+ if you invade my privacy this way?

  • srisaas

    I moved from an iPhone to Android. Imagine my surprise when I find it has uploaded my photos (from CAM) to G+

    This is a desperate measure by Google to get content of their Social Network which No ONE uses!!

    Sad Google…. It is hard to believe that this is from a company that told us it would do NO EVIL!!

    PS – Dropbox does the same thing. WITH PERMISSION!

  • ash

    How do u delete the pictures on instant upload

    • steph

      you have to log on to your gmail account and go to photos feature and then delete from the computer…..instant upload is annoying

  • FranticTableSaucer

    Google, understand that although there’s nothing wrong with backing up photos to a private album, words cannot describe the initial shock that comes with opening Google+ and seeing all your photos there. It’s like, that was an excellent troll you developed.

  • Kara Yip

    Please advise how to delete this app in my S3? Samsung hotline advised me to delete it from Google+, I did it yesterday but all old records remains unchanged keeping in my mobile. Please answer me as soon s possible. Many tks.

  • Kara Yip

    Please advise how to delete this app in my S3? As instruction from Samsung hotline & I deleted the Google+ in my Gmail a/c yesterday. Unfortunately, the previous pictures & whole page “Instant Upload” still appears in my mobile, how can I delete this useless app? Please kindly answer me immediately here or leave your message in my Facebook. Many tks.

  • Kara Yip

    Any people working?

  • Maria

    This feature is terrible because if you turn it off, it still uploads your pictures. It’s awful and don’t tell us that the photos go to a private album. Once they’re online, you at Google have control over them, so they’re not private anymore.

  • Peter

    it is anyway uploading even when it is disabled? it fucks battery

  • Robert

    Complete lack of user care. Took me hours to find this feature. Google buries this intentionally so as to discourage users from disabling instant upload. I quit Facebook because of their constant intrusions into my privacy. Google you had better wake up because users will cast you off in you persist in this dodgy nonsense.

  • John O Kelly

    Stupid feature that I cant turn off. I hate it.

  • Surfergal

    This has caused a MAJOR issue for me. My work email has Google + and my personal pictures from my phone downloaded “unknowingly” and I can’t get rid of them. My employer doesn’t tolerate personal pics on our work environment and now I can’t get rid of the pics without uploading them first to delete them – which I cannot do because then they end up on my work server if I upload to delete I believe! I believe they monitor it. I can’t even get rid of the “reminder to upload them with a few pictures showing on my Google+ account at work” and we use it for our business needs. I need a fix for this NOW. This is totally unacceptable and I think there is a legal issue here.
    If I go to my service provider and have them wipe/clear my phone, will that go make them away?

  • annonymous

    The most annoying this is after deleting photos from my device, it is still in my google + what the fuuuuckkk