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what is the different between google plus business circle and google + button ?


1) I have a google account which is connected to webmaster / analytics / google + button in order to track website and increase SEO ranking.

Now the google plus business page is a new thing in social networking, I
create a new google account to create my business google plus page.

I did right by creating a seperate google account for google plus
business ? or it was a wrong move to seperate the google account and not
keeping the same account ?

will it affect me in any way in future ?

2) Is google + button different from google plus business circles ? I am
only concern that if anyone clicks on google + button, will he/she be
automatically included in the google plus business circle ? or these two
things are completely different from each other ?

By google + button i mean this: +1 Your Website – Google

And by google plus business page circle I mean this: Google+ for business

Please advise.

Tags: asked April 17, 2012

1 Answer

I'll try to answer your question in the order asked...

1. You haven't done anything wrong and it's quite common people do this. However google+ pages now support ownership transfer which means you can transfer that page to your original google account. In that way you can manage everything through one account. Here is how to transfer the ownership

2. Yes they are 2 different things. +1 button is a vote for any link and circle for business pages is people follow and add your google+ page to their circles. Which in turn is whenever you share a post or a link on your google+ page, all your followers or in other word people added your page to their circles will see things you have shared (provided you shared with the right circle or +public)

Hope this answers your questions.

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