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Google + local listing in search results


I have created my Google plus page.

When I search in Google using “blogging training Chennai”, I
don’t see it in the search results. I have seen other business appeared in
Google SERP differently.

For Example;

 Dentist trianga

 In the search results, the first site appears with its g+ page and a map marker.

How to achieve this?

Tags: asked July 15, 2012

1 Answer

Good question. Creating a google+ page doesn't mean it will rank higher for a keyword on Google search engine.

There are a lot of factors involved, for eg. you site content, page rank, your site traffic, age of the site, etc... etc... If all these stuff is already there and if you do the following your site may rank better.

First you need to link your site to your Google+ page. Just follow the steps in the link above.

Once verified, linking will be done. Then it's up to google to show the site based on your content and quality to appear on SERP's. Typically it may take few days to weeks before you the linking in search results.

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