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Change default setting in boxes at top of home page????


  At the top of my home page are boxes:  L to R:  ALL – Friends – Fine Art Critiques – MORE.

 Friends and Fine Art Critiques were there early in my time [here].  I did not pick them and I call them “defaults” that fill the boxes.

  How do I change these two?  I do not know what to call these boxes so I can’t do a search.

  Please educate me, thanks 
asked June 25, 2012

1 Answer

Unfortunately there is no setting that allows to control these. What google+ instead does is it shows your most shared circle names here.

Let's say if you share a lot of stuff with your +Friends circle then that'll be the first item in that list. However it allows to pick and choose the last item by selecting a circle name from the drop down.

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