Google Takeout – Export your data from google products made easy

One of the goal that google tries to achieve is data openness. As a owner of your own data you should be able to export your data and do whatever you want to do with it.

Google takeout is a initiative by google to export data across the google products you use pretty much everyday.

Here are the simple steps of how to export your data using Google Takeout

  • Goto url
  • Login with your google username / password
  • You’ll be shown list of options to download archive of your data
  • At this time of writing here are following data you can export and download
    • +1’s (the website’s or url’s you +1’d)
    • Buzz (the stuff you shared using google buzz)
    • Contacts and Google+ Circles (the contacts from your gmail and google+ connections)
    • Picasa Web Album (your photos)
    • Profile (google profile)
    • Google+ Stream (google+ shared items)
You can download all at once or choose one particular service to export your data.

To export all your data at once, just click on the Create Archive button and you’ll be able to download all at once.

To export just from one product, click on the services button on the top and select a particular service in the next screen (immediately it’ll show the size of the data) and click on the Create Archive button.

Export of your data can’t be made easier than this, Thanks to Google for making it easier!!

Popular terms
  • Archive for jamo81 JJ@gmail com 30-Apr-2016 13:39:47 PDT 5 Google products 68 0 K bytes total Learn more about Google archives Hangouts My Maps Hangouts Exported Files 1 file exported successfully Hangouts json (Note: Links to file content will only work
  • Archive for wbilly486@gmail com Jun 25 2016 2:35:03 AM PDT Google Takeout 1 Google product 101 3 K bytes total Learn more about Google archives Searches Searches 4 files Searches Exported Files 4 files exported successfully 2015-07-01 July 2015 to Septemb
  • https://www vlogg com/35/google-takeout-export-your-data-from-google-products-made-easy/
  • 9b09270f-2e45-48e1-bead-a102f659e75c Archive for rabbitude83@gmail com ________________ Jul 22 2016 1:57:31 AM PDT Google Takeout


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  1. Sefton Hanley

    OK great.. so now I have outputted my profile I need to import it to a new G+ profile I am migrating to.. 

    How do I do that.. Not much use to export it if I can import it also ?? 

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